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How Custom Coins are Conceptualized, Ordered and Made

Custom coins are wonderful keepsakes that are becoming popular today. These are commonly created and carried around by military men, policemen, fire fighters, business people, regular employees and individual persons. Coins are often handed out on special occasions like commendation ceremonies, company anniversaries and family gatherings. These beautiful, bright and colorful keepsakes can boost confidence and add a splash of happiness to anyone who receives them.

Different Options for Creating Keepsake Coins

The customized keepsakes in our hands are products of careful planning and utmost artistry. Isn’t it quite interesting to learn how these small coins are made? Now, we’ll see how coin orders are placed and the various available options for making custom coins.

Creating the Coin Design

custom-coinsThe first step in creating customized coins starts when the client asks for a free quote. The client will be asked to send in his design ideas. He may provide a scanned drawing or a detailed written explanation of what kind of graphics he wants to be placed on each coin. Once the coin makers receive the design request, their creative artists will start to conceptualize and draft a unique design proof based on the client’s needs. After finishing the design, the artists will send a copy to the client for viewing, revisions if there are any, and approval.

Choosing a Coin Shape

We may think that custom coins come in round shapes only, but no, these can be as versatile as the client’s imagination can be. The coin makers will ask the client what shape he will like the coins to be. Aside from round coins, customized coins may come in various shapes: rectangles, polygons, triangles, dog tag-types, bottle opener shapes and virtually any other shape the imagination can think of. How do the expert coin makers create different coin shapes? They start off with round coins and cut away the excess to form the desired coin shape. Easy, right?

Selecting a Metal Type

After deciding on the design and shape, the client will be asked to select the type of metal he’d love to use. Choosing the perfect metal type depends on how well it blends with the design of the coin. The right kind of metal infuses every keepsake coin with beauty and adds an overall touch of elegance. A wide array of beautiful and elegant metal types is available for the client to choose from.

From polished metals to antique-looking metals, coin makers got it covered. The client may select from polished gold, silver, brass, copper and their antique counterparts. He may also try out the elegant dual-tone metal type.

Coin Edges

Clients may also choose the design of the coin’s edges. Apart from the standard coin edges, coin makers offer diamond-cut styles such as rope cuts, oblique cuts, cross cuts and wave cuts. These unique edge cuts add a touch of whimsy and contribute to the overall impact of the coin’s design. It is a must to choose an edge cut that will complement the graphic design of the customized coins.

Keepsake Coin Add-Ons

challenge-coinsThink all the above-mentioned selections are enough? Well, of course not! You can still find a wide range of custom options available to make the keepsake coins stronger and lovelier. Clients may select from special custom coin add-ons like coin cutouts, 3D designs, epoxy coatings, offset prints, engraved text, translucent enamel, keychain attachments or bottle opener types. Choosing epoxy coatings or translucent enamel adds to the strength of the coins. They also provide additional sheen to the coins.

Cut-outs, prints, 3D designs and engravings enhance the coin’s overall look and make the designs stand out all the more. Finally, coin attachments for bottle openers and keychains give additional functionality. They are great for coins intended for use, not just displayed. These two options are perfect add-ons if the client intends to give coins for souvenir items.

What’s Next After These?

When the client is done with his preferences, the coin maker company will send your entire order to their factory for the coin-making process to start. Creation of custom coins is a relatively easy but meticulous process. Coin makers source only the best raw materials and employ the latest technology to ensure that only high quality coins are made. The entire coin-making process typically takes two to three weeks, depending on the quantity ordered and the specifications of the coins.

When the coins are done, they will be shipped to the client in the packaging he prefers. Clients are free to choose from several packaging options like individual translucent packs, velvet presentation boxes, velvet bags, and coin stands.

Quality Above All Else

If high quality custom coins are what a client needs, he should trust the experts to craft the best coins for him. No matter what options a client may prefer, customized keepsake coins from us here, at ChallengeCoins4Less, will always be of high quality and will be guaranteed to satisfy or even exceed his expectations. We are consistent in our commitment to creating quality products and providing excellent customer service. We will continue to provide products that will make a noticeable difference in our client’s lives.

Five Hearsays About Golf Iron Sets You Should Disregard

Buying golf iron sets is something any golfer have to do to set up his collection. Various points highlighting their features will help you shop for the best iron sets for your game. Nevertheless, there are also several details that you don’t want to hear from mistaken individuals who don’t know the sport.

In fact, you should not listen to the following hearsays it will only affect your shopping:
All Irons are Created Equal

Golf Iron SetsIrons are often numbered and come with their specific features. However, many people believe that their features are generally the same. This is not true because of the variety of brands offering golf iron sets today.

Increased competition in the golfing market causes each brand to research for the best features they can integrate with their iron sets. They came up with patented technologies that contribute to better control, motion of inertia, and other features that ensure you’ll make the most out of your irons. They are not created equal, which requires you to shop properly to get your needed features.

Only One Iron Type Available in a Set

Usually, an iron set may have the same club types with the same features. This is mainly to have several replacement clubs whenever necessary. However, some options also come in varying iron types in sets. These pieces are ideal for players wishing to try several iron type features. Test them out on games or trainings until you find your perfect matches. Once you found your preferred iron types, get the set with the same golf clubs in your inventory and ready for games.

They are Not Aesthetically Appealing

Irons in golf iron sets come in flat faces. Due to their physical features, many people think that it’s impossible to tweak their appearance to make them aesthetically appealing. Countless golf brands proved this misconception wrong because of the stylish clubs they sell.

GolfGolf manufacturers came up with numerous ways that help them create the best golf clubs with designs buyers will love. Strategies include combining several shades in a club and making a shade as accent to make clubs look better. They also forged them with different designs to make their piece stand out among competitors.

Many club makers also developed customization options that allow buyers to experiment on their clubs’ appearance. A common example is making some clubs with detachable golf grips. The buyer can purchase his preferred golf grips and connect them with the shaft to brand their golf sets.

Irons Cost a Fortune

Irons are made from premium steel with superior construction. Hence, it’s common for buyers to think that golf iron sets are too expensive. Of course, some irons are indeed expensive because of their extra features and construction designed for professionals. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a cheaper iron set according to your needs. Several iron sets are cheaper because of their basic features, but with the same quality that last. These cheaper ones are meant for beginners who are still in the process of collecting their golf clubs.

On the other hand, some companies offer clearance sales. They are selling these pieces at cheaper prices to bring in new pieces in their inventories.

They are Not Available with Golf Sets

Golf clubsIron sets are available on their own, but several golf sets also include a set of basic irons that a golfer would need. You’ll get them in the set and have them ready for your game.

Despite the sport’s popularity, it still comes with several misconceptions like in golf iron sets. Now that you know about these misconceptions, be sure to not to listen them and just shop for your irons. The only thing you need to focus on is finding a trustworthy distributor that offers excellent irons that will help your game.

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At , are one of the biggest golf equipment organizations on the planet, golf clubs are utilized by experts and beginners alike.

Why Are Badge Holders Becoming More Popular?

Badges and identification cards are common for any organization or establishment. They are used to easily identify personnel and provide access to secured areas. Contact less and smart cards have been invented, making the ID badge system to become more thorough. Together with these improvements on the ID cards and badges, badge holders have also evolved.

With us, you have a guarantee that you can choose from many different materials and designs, making us the one stop shop for the best badge holder. We have different ideas that you can use to find the ID holders that will fit the needs of your organization.

Why People Use A Badge Holder

Badge HoldersThese holders are a good way for employees to carry their IDs while they are in the workplace. They can also use them for events to represent the company they work with. These types of holders are becoming more common because more and more employers, as well as event sponsors, require their employees to display their IDs all the time.

Badge holders will keep the identification card safe and they also offer a cost-effective and easy ways for the workforce to display their IDs and badges all through the day.


Several styles of ID holders are available, and each of them has its own benefits. If you need to carry several IDs at the same time, you can use a holder, which can carry more than one ID or badge. There are also types of holders that are rigid and flexible. The type you choose for your organization depends on your work environment. The rigid badge holder ensures that the ID or badge is still straight all the time. The flexible badge holder is made from a flexible material that will allow the ID or badge to bend if necessary.

If your company requires your employees to scan their identification cards, there are available badge holders that will allow this. The employees do not need to take out their IDs from the holders just to swipe these through the magnetic card reader used by your company.

Wearing ID Holders

People also wear or carry their IDs in different styles. One of the most popular ways to do it is to use a lanyard. A lanyard is like a cord that is word around the neck. To use your ID on it, you can attach the ID card holder on the lanyard.

Another way of using your ID holder is through an armband badge holder. Industries with workers who do not want any kind of distraction use this type of badge holder. Their IDs are securely attached to their arms using a Velcro.

ID HoldersBadge holders can also come with a clip that employees can wear on their clothing. The clip ensures that the employees can display their badges or IDs all the time. Badge holder clips have several different styles available. The common choice is a belt clip, which allows you to clip the badge holder to the waist of their pants or their belts. Employees also use clips to attach their card holders on their pocket or sleeve

Employees wear badges and IDs at all times, particularly when they are at their workplace. For this reason, many companies order our ID card holders and other attachments that match well with the type of industry they are in.

Great Promotional Tool

Who knew that a simple object that holds an ID can turn out to be a great promotional tool? Yes, together with lanyards and badge reels, the experts in our company have recommended to many companies the use of ID card holders because these are powerful promotional tools. You can do the same for your company. Rather than just producing a clear card holder for your employees, you can place the brand name or company logo on your card holders.

Most of the time, employees wear them around the workplace the whole time, and sometimes, they wear it as well when they go out of the office to do some quick errands. The ID card holders are quite visible to other people, so they work perfectly in promoting your company to the public. Compared to other promotional tools, badge holders are not that expensive that is why many companies are taking advantage of them and using them to the next level by customizing them.

Badge holders will keep the ID card safe and they additionally offer a savvy and simple courses for the workforce to show their IDs and identifications all as the day progressed.

Why should you choose a mister for household use

Finding the right cooling system for your household can be quite a chore, as you’ll have many options available to you once you’re in the shop. Obviously, most people would go for either a single electric fan or an air conditioning system.

However, not many people realize that a mister can be a more effective choice over these two appliances. A mister is a fan which sprays a very fine mist of water vapor to cool the surrounding air.

While the idea of spraying water all over the place can put off some people, there are several reasons on why a mist fan may be more reliable than an air conditioning unit or an electric fan.

Better Fan CoolingBetter Fan Cooling – An electric fan only blows the air in its surroundings, and doesn’t really do a good job of cooling it. This means that, in a hot environment, it’ll still blow hot air towards you. To improve the cooling capabilities of it, some people try to sprinkle some water over the area where the fan blows, in an attempt to cool the air.

A mister works in the same principle, yet is fully automatic. This means that the air around it will always be cool, because the water mist that’s being blown from the fan immediately evaporates into the air, and cools it. And all of this comes without the hassle of having to continuously throw some water in front of your fan whenever you want cool air.

Controllable – An air conditioning system can cool the area well, but sometimes, it’s air can become too cold when turned on for a period of time, which can also provide some discomfort for some people.

With a mist fan, the temperature will be just right. You won’t have to worry about the air getting too cold, yet you also won’t worry that the air won’t be cold enough when it’s turned on. A mist fan will provide just the right amount of cooling temperature that’s comfortable enough for anyone, and will keep it that way even if it’s turned on for an extended period.

Outdoor Usability – This is the advantage that clearly separates it from air conditioning. Even at its full output, an air conditioning system won’t be able to cover a large area outdoors. With a mister, a single unit is enough to be able to cool an outdoor area effectively, even if the place’s full of people. For maximum output, it can also be connected with one or more satellite fans, to be able to cover a much wider area. This is the main reason on why misters are a popular cooling system for outdoor events, especially when large groups of people are involved. For household use, is a very usable when you need to cool down while doing any outside activity during the hot weather.

ControllableCompact & Portable – While there are some types of misters who are large and bulky, they’re usually the industrial type, and are only suited for use in factories, warehouses, and the like. A typical household mist fan is just as portable as your standard electric fan, and can be placed in just about any corner of your house, even in some tight spaces. Although very compact, their cooling capability matches that of an air conditioning unit, only that it doesn’t need to be installed to a wall, and is very light.

These are just some of the things on why a mister is better than other cooling systems for households. Note that, in choosing the proper mist fan for this purpose, always choose the ones who has a high pressure pump for it’s mist. This eliminates the chances of people getting wet everytime the mist fan is on.