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Why should you choose a mister for household use

Finding the right cooling system for your household can be quite a chore, as you’ll have many options available to you once you’re in the shop. Obviously, most people would go for either a single electric fan or an air conditioning system.

However, not many people realize that a mister can be a more effective choice over these two appliances. A mister is a fan which sprays a very fine mist of water vapor to cool the surrounding air.

While the idea of spraying water all over the place can put off some people, there are several reasons on why a mist fan may be more reliable than an air conditioning unit or an electric fan.

Better Fan CoolingBetter Fan Cooling – An electric fan only blows the air in its surroundings, and doesn’t really do a good job of cooling it. This means that, in a hot environment, it’ll still blow hot air towards you. To improve the cooling capabilities of it, some people try to sprinkle some water over the area where the fan blows, in an attempt to cool the air.

A mister works in the same principle, yet is fully automatic. This means that the air around it will always be cool, because the water mist that’s being blown from the fan immediately evaporates into the air, and cools it. And all of this comes without the hassle of having to continuously throw some water in front of your fan whenever you want cool air.

Controllable – An air conditioning system can cool the area well, but sometimes, it’s air can become too cold when turned on for a period of time, which can also provide some discomfort for some people.

With a mist fan, the temperature will be just right. You won’t have to worry about the air getting too cold, yet you also won’t worry that the air won’t be cold enough when it’s turned on. A mist fan will provide just the right amount of cooling temperature that’s comfortable enough for anyone, and will keep it that way even if it’s turned on for an extended period.

Outdoor Usability – This is the advantage that clearly separates it from air conditioning. Even at its full output, an air conditioning system won’t be able to cover a large area outdoors. With a mister, a single unit is enough to be able to cool an outdoor area effectively, even if the place’s full of people. For maximum output, it can also be connected with one or more satellite fans, to be able to cover a much wider area. This is the main reason on why misters are a popular cooling system for outdoor events, especially when large groups of people are involved. For household use, is a very usable when you need to cool down while doing any outside activity during the hot weather.

ControllableCompact & Portable – While there are some types of misters who are large and bulky, they’re usually the industrial type, and are only suited for use in factories, warehouses, and the like. A typical household mist fan is just as portable as your standard electric fan, and can be placed in just about any corner of your house, even in some tight spaces. Although very compact, their cooling capability matches that of an air conditioning unit, only that it doesn’t need to be installed to a wall, and is very light.

These are just some of the things on why a mister is better than other cooling systems for households. Note that, in choosing the proper mist fan for this purpose, always choose the ones who has a high pressure pump for it’s mist. This eliminates the chances of people getting wet everytime the mist fan is on.