Wearables: Burgundy and Blue

posted on: November 25, 2013

These pictures are not that flattering, but hey, that just means I have to get back into training mode after… the holidays. I would say Thanksgiving but let us be real here, Christmas is right around the corner. So it’ll be December 26th at the earliest before I start getting all serious about health again. And that’s fine with me! As long as I don’t keel over by then from over-indulging. Maybe I’ll try to half-indulge. I’ll keep you posted on that I suppose.

I am so glad the weather has finally caught up to the calendar. It even rained last week! It’s a miracle! It’s supposed to rain on Thanksgiving, and I am very excited about this impending coziness. Remind me that I’ve said this after I spend the night with 8 extended family members, two dogs, and a newborn baby. That’s a recipe for a hilarious holiday romcom, wherein I spend the whole night comforting the dogs.

I’ve been working on knit things over the weekend for the shop/an upcoming sale on Cyber Monday (20% off everything ESD!) / these in-person holiday shows, and having it be sunny outside while I’m knitting wrist warmers and chunky hats just does not gel with my knitting vibe. Sigh.


The listing isn’t up yet on the shop but these little camel-colored beauties are the new wrist warmers I’ve been working on. They’re made from super soft acrylic yarn so they won’t lose their shape or shrink like wool might, and they won’t itch if you wear them all day. And they’re machine washable. Can you tell I’m into them? I’m. Into. Them. I’m going to add them to the shop this week so people can browse before the Cyber Monday sale!

The rest of the outfit… eh.

Nah, just kidding! But seriously, I’ve been wearing these jeans and these boots all week. I realized that the “regular” length pants are too long for normal shoes and too high for high heels but these low-heeled Sam Edelman beauts are just the perfect height. The sweater I bought last week at Therapy on Valencia, and the bag is from Madewell circa February 2013. I’m love love loving burgundy right now and just got some amazing burgundy-red yarn yesterday. Get ready for hat season, my dearies.



(Psst – what colors are you wearing to get in the holiday spirit?)


//jeans: Gap 1969 Denim (my favorite jeans brand these days)
//tank tops: Everlane’s Ryan tank (grey & black layered)
//sweater: Therapy (similar)
//wrist warmers: (coming soon!)
//boots: Sam Edelman
//bag: Madewell (same bag in navy) (similar bag in burgundy)

  • Katie

    The colors are very warm and cozy! I also love your hair! I also keep promising myself to get back on training/being active after the holidays, but now I won’t worry about it hahah Just enjoy the holidays! ;-)

    • Madeleine

      Oh thank you! Yes, I think my plan is to simply not gain 10 pounds between now and Christmas and I’ll consider that a success. ;) Sometimes you just have to live your life and enjoy the holidays!

  • Jenna

    OMG LOVE THESE PHOTOS! This location is KILLER!

    • Madeleine

      THANK you so much! I was just telling Ms. Carly I did not think these photos to be very flattering so you just made my day with this comment. Also, the location is my parents’ house, I can only take credit for my own laziness! ;)